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U.S. Navy War College pic

Naval War College – NWC Museum

U.S. Navy War College pic

U.S. Navy War College
Image: usnwc.edu

Before beginning a career in the Navy, Rear Admiral Rick Williams attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business in 1984. Rear Admiral Rick Williams also completed an MBA at the University of Maryland in College Park before attending the Naval War College, where he received a master of arts in National Security Affairs in 1996.

The Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island was established in 1884 to provide professional studies for advanced training of naval officers. The War College features a NWC Museum that is established inside “the poorhouse,” a National Historic Landmark that was once the Newport Asylum for the Poor.

The NWC Museum includes several exhibits and collections related to the history of naval warfare, along with records and documents from naval encounters. The museum is open to the public and serves as a clearing house for New England naval information.