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NMCRS Recognized Again by Charity Navigator

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society pic

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Image: nmcrs.org

During his leadership as a Navy Region Commander, Rear Admiral Rick Williams was responsible for overseeing an energy team that made use of solar, wind, and hydrogen sources to set up an expeditionary operations outpost. In addition to his service, Rear Admiral Rick Williams is a longtime supporter of other military-related organizations, such as the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

For the third year in a row, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has been named a four-star charity by Charity Navigator, a watchdog organization that rates the transparency and efficacy of charities throughout the United States. It’s a rare distinction to be named a four-star charity for three years in a row, as only 14 percent of organizations achieve that milestone. By earning such a consistently high rating, the NMCRS shows that it’s a trusted charity and handles its donations with care, using the money to support both active-duty and retired military personnel.


NMCRS Supports Education for Navy and Marine Families


The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Quick Assist Loan Program

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Quick Assist Loan
Image: nmcrs.org

A former rear admiral with the United States Navy, Rick Williams has held leadership positions in the air, at sea, and on land. He is currently pursuing a business career in the private sector. Outside of the professional arena, Rick Williams supports the charitable efforts of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

For well over a century, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has been providing financial assistance and educational opportunities to members of the United States Navy/Marine Corps and their eligible family members. The Society’s focus on meeting the immediate needs of its client base is reflected in its Quick Assist Loan (QAL) program.

Designed to help active duty sailors and marines who need money fast, the QAL program provides interest-free loans to help meet basic living expenses and handle family emergencies. To provide financial assistance inexpensively and quickly, the QAL requires no application fee or scheduled appointments. Qualified candidates can receive as much as $500 in emergency funds in a matter of minutes.

In order to receive a QAL, service professionals must have enough time left on their military contracts to repay the loan in full. They cannot have any existing outstanding loans with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society nor any active or pending disciplinary actions within the past six months that impact pay rate or rank.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Named a Top Nonprofit to Work For

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society pic

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Image: nmcrs.org

The recipient of five Legion of Merit Medals, former Rear Admiral Rick Williams served the U.S. Navy in several leadership positions for more than 20 years, including in the role of commander of Navy Region Hawaii. Dedicated to giving back to members of the Navy, Marines, and their families, Rear Admiral Rick Williams contributes to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, which earned recognition as one of the top nonprofit organizations to work for in 2017.

Every year, The Nonprofit Times conducts a review of nonprofit organizations throughout the country to determine those that are the best to work for and those that benefit the economy and workforce. The first component of the assessment consists of a review of each organization’s philosophy, policies, practices, systems, and demographics. The second part, which engages employees in a survey about their experience at their organization, makes up 75 percent of the review process.

This is the fourth year that employees of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society participated in the survey. The society ranked 12th on the list of 27 medium-sized nonprofit organizations participating in the survey and 20th on the list of the Top 50 nonprofits to work for in the country.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society’s Visiting Nurse Program