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Red Cross Receives Record Donation for Benefit of Military Families


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Red Cross

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a master of business administration, Rear Admiral Rick Williams is a five-time Legion of Merit medal recipient who served as a leader in the United States Navy in various positions, including Deputy Fifth Fleet commander and eventually the commander of the Navy Region Hawaii. In addition to dedicating over 20 years of service to his country, Rear Admiral Rick Williams also serves his fellow man through the support of nonprofits, such as the American Red Cross.

Recently, the American Red Cross published a press release outlining the details of a record-breaking donation designated to benefit members of the military, veterans, and their families. French philanthropist and business professional Bernard Darty made a donation of $500,000, which will be applied toward the work of the Red Cross’s Hero Call Center, the provision of community services to current and retired military members, and the development of new programs that aim to meet the needs of people within this demographic. Darty was inspired to make the donation out of gratitude to the United States Armed Forces for saving his family when it liberated German-occupied France during World War II.

Support of current and retired military members and their loved ones is one of the primary missions of the Red Cross, which has provided services to over 1 million military families in the last 16 years.


The 2017 Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Workshop


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Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Workshop

A former US Navy commander, Rear Admiral Rick Williams led the Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific and Navy Region Hawaii. In recognition of his service, Rear Admiral Rick Williams received a number of awards and commendations, including two Defense Superior Service Medals and two Meritorious Service Medals.

Rick Williams holds a master of arts in national security and strategic studies from the US Naval War College, which recently cosponsored the Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Workshop in collaboration with Brown University. The workshop took place August 25-26, 2017, on the campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

The second such event cohosted by the US Naval War College and Brown University’s Humanitarian Innovation Initiative (HI2), the Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Workshop brought together more than 100 experts from around the globe to discuss ways to help the US and international militaries, academics, humanitarian organizations, and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs develop research ideas and create agendas to enhance civilian-military coordination during humanitarian crises.

With eight working groups, the event covered various facets of civilian-military coordination. Each working group focused on ways to improve the response capacity of organizations and grow networks of humanitarian response practitioners and other leaders. Participants also discussed the development of a robust research agenda on the topic of civilian-military coordination and explored opportunities for decision makers to establish best practices in this area.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Named a Top Nonprofit to Work For

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Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The recipient of five Legion of Merit Medals, former Rear Admiral Rick Williams served the U.S. Navy in several leadership positions for more than 20 years, including in the role of commander of Navy Region Hawaii. Dedicated to giving back to members of the Navy, Marines, and their families, Rear Admiral Rick Williams contributes to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, which earned recognition as one of the top nonprofit organizations to work for in 2017.

Every year, The Nonprofit Times conducts a review of nonprofit organizations throughout the country to determine those that are the best to work for and those that benefit the economy and workforce. The first component of the assessment consists of a review of each organization’s philosophy, policies, practices, systems, and demographics. The second part, which engages employees in a survey about their experience at their organization, makes up 75 percent of the review process.

This is the fourth year that employees of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society participated in the survey. The society ranked 12th on the list of 27 medium-sized nonprofit organizations participating in the survey and 20th on the list of the Top 50 nonprofits to work for in the country.

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Alcott Elementary Students Raise Money for Veterans through WWP

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Alcott Elementary Students

Rear Admiral Rick Williams served as an anti-submarine warfare officer and later as a combat systems officer in several operational tours before commanding the USS McInerney between 2002 and 2004. A recipient of the Department of Homeland Security’s Golden Eagle Award, Rear Admiral Rick Williams supports the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

WWP runs a Student Ambassadors program that encourages students to come together in support of America’s veterans. In 2017, students from seven grades at Alcott Elementary School in Wolcott, Connecticut, spent several weeks saving their allowances for a Student Ambassadors fundraiser they named “Penny Wars.” The students presented WWP with a total of $1,340 in early March.

At the close of the fundraiser, a representative of WWP gave a special address to the school assembly, sharing the tale of her son who was hurt in a bomb explosion in Iraq. During the talk, she distributed WWP bracelets, pins, and stickers.

School Principal Shawn Simpson was impressed by the students’ act of community service. He even bestowed a special award, an extra 30 minutes of recess time, upon the school’s 4th grade students for raising the most funds.

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Red Cross Launches Hero Care App


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Hero Care App

Five-time Legion of Merit medal winner Rick Williams is a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, where he led multiple ship, air, and shore groups across Naval mission areas. Outside of his military career, Rear Admiral Rick Williams is a longtime supporter of the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross recently announced the launch of a new Hero Care App for smartphones, designed to assist military veterans and their loved ones in finding access to Red Cross services worldwide.

The app boasts several features, including the ability to request aid from the Red Cross and to send emergency messages and tools to access information about the location of a service member if the need arises to find them. The app also provides users with information about other non-emergency Red Cross services, such as behavioral health assistance and financial help tools. Users also can access data about available government resources from the Veterans Administration and MilitaryOneSource. The Hero Care App can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or by visiting