Alcott Elementary Students Raise Money for Veterans through WWP

Alcott Elementary StudentsAlcott Elementary Students pic

Alcott Elementary Students

Rear Admiral Rick Williams served as an anti-submarine warfare officer and later as a combat systems officer in several operational tours before commanding the USS McInerney between 2002 and 2004. A recipient of the Department of Homeland Security’s Golden Eagle Award, Rear Admiral Rick Williams supports the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

WWP runs a Student Ambassadors program that encourages students to come together in support of America’s veterans. In 2017, students from seven grades at Alcott Elementary School in Wolcott, Connecticut, spent several weeks saving their allowances for a Student Ambassadors fundraiser they named “Penny Wars.” The students presented WWP with a total of $1,340 in early March.

At the close of the fundraiser, a representative of WWP gave a special address to the school assembly, sharing the tale of her son who was hurt in a bomb explosion in Iraq. During the talk, she distributed WWP bracelets, pins, and stickers.

School Principal Shawn Simpson was impressed by the students’ act of community service. He even bestowed a special award, an extra 30 minutes of recess time, upon the school’s 4th grade students for raising the most funds.


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