Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Offers Budget for Baby Program

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society pic

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Rick Williams was formerly a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. As an individual who has served in the capacity of rear admiral, Rick Williams donates to Navy Relief.

Navy Relief is also referred to as the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. The organization has served those in the Navy and Marines for over 100 years. It officially became incorporated in 1904, growing out of the need to assist widows and orphans of those having served in the Navy and Marines. In its first year the society gave over $9,000 to those in need.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society currently provides many different support options for individuals and family members. As just one example, newly expectant parents are able to make use of the Budget for Baby Program. Couples take the workshop together, and are given advice on how to budget for a child over his or her lifetime, as well as information about what is necessary and what is simply nice to have when getting ready for their baby. The parents-to-be also receive a visit from a relief society nurse after their baby is born.


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