There Are Many Ways to Give to The Red Cross

American Red Cross pic

American Red Cross

After graduating with an MA from the Naval War College in 1996, Rear Admiral Rick Williams went on to become the Deputy Fifth Fleet commander in the United States Navy, where he succeeded in averting a crisis by integrating joint force capabilities so as to lower the risk to the OEF ground forces. Holder of five Legion of Merit medals, Rear Admiral Rick Williams is a charitable donor to The Red Cross.

The Red Cross enjoys a good reputation worldwide and receives donations from both individuals and businesses. While many people think only of donating blood to The Red Cross, there are actually many other ways to give. Individuals, organizations, and companies all make financial donations. There are programs where companies can show their customers that a portion of sales is donated to The Red Cross and where they can accept donations on behalf of The Red Cross. Both of these programs must receive prior approval from The Red Cross before implementation. In addition, hosting a workplace blood drive is another popular method of business donation, and it allows employees a chance to make a difference without the challenge and hassle of traveling to a Red Cross location.


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