Red Cross, Kidde Partner For Smoke Alarm Distribution

Kidde pic


Real Admiral Richard “Rick” Williams has been assigned to various senior leadership posts throughout his career, including stints at Navy Region Hawaii, Surface Group Middle Pacific and Strike Group 15. Outside of his military career, Rear Admiral Richard “Rick” Williams supports the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross recently announced that it has teamed with Kidde to help outfit homes with better fire safety measures. To that end, Kidde is donating some 26,000 smoke alarms to the Red Cross as part of its Home Fire Campaign. The total cost of the alarms is $500,000.

As part of this initiative, the Red Cross employs trained volunteers to install smoke alarms free of charge in areas that are at an increased risk of fire damage. The Home Fire Campaign was launched in 2014, and since then Kidde has partnered with the Red Cross to provide the alarm equipment for the initiative.

The Red Cross says it has saved 111 lives over the campaign’s two years, installing upwards of 500,000 alarms in thousands of locations across the United States.


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